Leonardo Cositorto denied bail for a third time

Generation Zoe scammer Leonardo Cositorto has had his third request for bail denied.

Cositorto’s hearing was held on Thursday. The court’s decision was based on there being “no changes in the case”.

Just over a week ago Cositorto complained of conditions in the prison he was being held.

There is nothing that is not shameful here, from the food to the insecticides for cockroaches.

People sleep in pairs on mattresses, sleep under the beds, there are no bathrooms here.

We pee in a drum, I have pooped on top of a cardboard, They don’t give you toilet paper even for 5 days, and on top of that, if you say something, they put a sanction on you.

Prison officials have denied Cositorto’s claims.

In the lead up to his hearing Cositorto also claimed Argentina’s legal system is full of “corruption, extortion and manipulation”. With respect to Cositorto’s case, no evidence supporting these claims has been proffered.

Generation Zoe was a simple MLM crypto Ponzi scheme. When it collapsed Cositorto fled Argentina. This has likely played into his repeated requests for bail being denied.

As is unfortunately common in MLM Ponzi schemes, victims of the scheme, refusing to acknowledge they’ve been scammed, have rallied around Cositorto.

To that end Generation Zoe ringleaders managed to fleece another $190,000 from investors.

The funds were supposed to be put towards securing Cositorto’s release. As reported by Clarin, those funds have since “disappeared”.

This group of particularly gullible Generation Zoe investors, are reported to hold daily Zoom webinars and populate Telegram and WhatsApp groups. In these echo-chambers they deny basic math and continue to profess Cositorto’s innocence.

Clarin also points out that should Cositorto be somehow released from Bouwer Prison, parallel criminal cases have been filed against him in two other jurisdictions – likely seeing him immediately re-arrested upon release.

Argentinian police continue to build their case against Cositorto and local Generation Zoe scammers. Earlier this week authorities secured an arrest warrant for Javier Sebastián Medina, a Generation Zoe ringleader in Goya.

Authorities allege Medina has been working to concealing assets and Generation Zoe fraud related evidence.

Medina is scheduled to appear in court next Tuesday.