Generation Zoe scammer arrested in Venezuela, more wanted

Authorities in Venezuela have arrested Technology Zoe promoter César Julio Gómez López.

Following an investigation by the Scientific, Legal and Criminalistic Investigation Service Corps (CICPC), Lopez has been charged with fraud associated to “false investments”.

As reported by Elpitazo, Lopez is a part of the “Los Captadores de Zoe” group of Technology Zoe buyers.

The gang presents residents of Argentina, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela to spend money on cryptocurrencies by recruiting victims to spend money on the pyramid firm and use the Ponzi scheme.

Douglas Rico, head of CICPC, had this to say of the Ponzi scheme;

These criminals provide talks, conferences, journeys and conferences with professionals about investing in cryptocurrencies backed by gold mines, thus getting their victims to spend money on the fraudulent negotiation and function pyramid schemers.

Along with Lopez, CICPC are on the hunt for 4 extra Technology Zoe promoters; Blanca Torres, Martina Reyes, Patricia Sulbaran and Yomary Rivas.

Technology Zoe was a easy crypto smart-contract Ponzi scheme.

After Technology Zoe collapsed in February 2022, an worldwide manhunt was launched towards founder Leonardo Cositorto.

Cositorto was arrested within the Dominican Republic in April. He was then promptly extradited to Argentina.

Cositorto is going through prison fees in relation to his operation of Technology Zoe. He’s at the moment in pre-trial custody, having had three bail functions denied.