Awakend ships Zenith… with different ingredients?

After months of nonsense and at instances even flat out lies, Awakend has lastly begun transport its Zenith weight reduction complement.

Only one drawback… the shipped Zenith has fully completely different elements to what Awakend has been advertising since August.

Awakend’s entire Zenith advertising schtick was bringing again a product tied to patent dispute litigation stretched over a decade.

Stated patent expired earlier this 12 months, however the dispute isn’t set to be resolved till subsequent March.

The patent in query pertains to Trisynex, a “polysaccharide cellulosic mix”. Particularly, Trisynex is “a dietary complement of modified cellulose and cetylated fatty acids”.

Up till very not too long ago, this was Zenith’s dietary label as supplied to Awakend distributors:

Every Zenith capsule contains 1200mg of “Zenith advanced”, made up of a “proprietary mix of viscous polysaccharides and cetylated fatty acids”.

Over the previous week Awakend distributors started to obtain shipments of Zenith.

Right here’s the label on shipped bottles of Zenith:

Zenith nonetheless incorporates “Zenith advanced”, however now it’s 1200mg of mixed hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and Celadrin.

Celadrin is an low cost and available anti-inflammatory complement that targets joints:

So far as I do know, Celadrin wasn’t within the unique Trisynex formulated product that Awakend claims to be bringing again to market.

Issues get even murkier once we check out TrimFit’s product label:

TrimFit is Trisynex marketed and bought by First Fruits Enterprise Ministries (the opposite aspect of the Trisynex patent dispute litigation).

Trimfit is 900mg of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, a “polysaccharide cellulosic mix”.

In different phrases, Awakend are “diluting” their Trisynex formulation with Celadrin – which wasn’t disclosed to distributors prior to buy.

If my major objective is weight reduction and I don’t have mobility points, why do I want Celadrin? I additionally don’t consider Celadrin was within the unique Max WXL formulation – however I might be improper.

Ongoing patent dispute points apart, Zenith can also be marketed on the 2009 examine pertaining to Trisynex.

Supplementation with a proprietary mix of modified cellulose and cetylated fatty acids throughout an 8-week weight reduction program exhibited favorable results on adipocytokines and regional physique composition.

Trisynex is cited within the examine however not Celadrin. “Cetylated fatty acids” are talked about as above, however there’s no indication it’s the identical formulation.

In any occasion, Awakend together with Celadrin in Zenith raises the query of simply how a lot Trisynex there’s within the product.The precise ratio of Trisynex and Celadrin in Zenith will not be disclosed.

As for Celadrin, that is doubtlessly one other wormhole however it was initially owned by Imagenetix. The present trademark seems to be owned by TriPharma (now dba Vietal Diet).

A bottle of 120 TrimFit capsules retails for $39.95 ($31.96 on month-to-month autoship).

Celadrin is accessible for as little as $13.39 for 90 capsules.

Two bottles of Zenith, purportedly a month-to-month provide, will set you again $135 as an Awakend distributor.