Traffic Monsoon “victim” claims $99 trillion dollars

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has published her first claims report.

Detailing where the claims process is at, the Receiver reveals that one Traffic Monsoon “victim” tried to claim $99 trillion dollars.

I can’t say for sure but it seems pretty obvious whoever claimed $99 trillion was attempting to undermine the victim claims process.

If I had to guess I’d venture the claimant was a net-winner, salty over the Ponzi scheme being shut down.

Unfortunately the Receiver doesn’t name the $99 trillion claim victim. Nor is the claim included in statistical calculations.

Here are some interesting figures revealed in the Receiver’s report:

  • $84,154 was spent emailing 561,209 potential claimants up to three times
  • $49.09 was spent mailing 53 potential claimants in the US
  • $72,218 was spent running ads in newspapers in the US (Wall Street Journal), Italy (IL Sole 24 Ore), the UK (Daily Mail), Poland (Gazeta Wyborcza) and Canada (Globe and Mail)
  • $612 was spent on Facebook ads
  • 682 claims were filed after the deadline, totaling $2.3 million
  • 687 claims were duplicated, totalling $6.3 million
  • 12,528 claimants have agreed with the Receiver’s calculations, these claims total $36.3 million
  • 2885 claimants are demanding more money (together $67 million over the Receiver’s calculations)
  • 3866 claimants didn’t respond to the Receiver’s calculation amount
  • 108 claimants aren’t verifiable Traffic Monsoon investors ($427,445 in claims)
  • PayPal has filed a claim demanding $3.1 million to cover chargebacks it paid to investors

The Receivership continues to work through submitted claims and eventually towards an initial distribution.

At this stage there is no set timeline.

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