Traffic Monsoon Receiver working on plan of distribution

The Traffic Monsoon Receivership has flagged work starting on a “plan of distribution”.

The announcement follows resolution of a significant percentage of investor claims.

As per the Receiver’s April 15th Third Status Report covering the claims process;

To date, 18,039 Proofs of Claim are allowed or are anticipated to be allowed in the total amount of $55,132,872, and only 511 Proofs of Claim asserting claims totaling approximately $12,923,100 remain unresolved.

This is up from $36.3 million in allowed claims just shy of a year ago.

Pending approval by the court, the Receiver is hoping to whittle down the $12.9 in disputed claims to $549,472.

PayPal also has a $3.1 million claim which is being worked through.

Pending approval by the court to move towards resolving unresolved claims, the Receiver writes;

Now that Disputed Investor Claims have been significantly reduced, the Receiver also intends to work on a plan of distribution.

There is no timeline for court approval or the distribution process.


Update 15th June 2022 – A Status Conference with the Receiver has been scheduled for 8th July.


Update 9th July 2022 – The court has granted the Receiver’s motion to disallow claims and approve other claims with modified amounts. This brings distribution one step closer to Traffic Monsoon victims with approved claims.

Looking forward, the Court appears to want to appoint a Special Master, I’m not as of yet sure why.

The Receiver has been directed to “file a motion proposing how to proceed”. I’m assuming we’ll get more information when that motion is filed.


Update 4th August 2022 – The court has approved notification of disputed claim holders, of the intention to appoint a Special Master to decide their claims.

This paves the way for Special Master proceedings to commence.

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