Faraday Hosseinipour plays shameless race card Ponzi defense

Staring down the very actual prospect of years in jail, on Might 4th Infinity2Global defendant Faraday Hosseinipour filed a movement to dismiss.

In her submitting Hosseinipour shamelessly claiming she and her fellow promoter defendants have been racially profiled.

Infinity2Global was a Ponzi scheme launched by Richard Maike in 2013. Hosseinipour and her fellow promoter defendants had been indicted alongside Maike in 2017.

Hosseinipour’s movement to dismiss can basically be boiled right down to:

  1. “everybody else was doing it!”; and
  2. “going after me for selling a Ponzi scheme is racist”.

As alleged by Hosseinipour’s lawyer;

Our workplace used the federal government equipped file named “ACTIVE EMPERORS THROUGH 6-4 EXCEL” and was capable of finding least 200 different unnamed individuals and entities, not named or addressed on this or some other indictment that appear to satisfy the standards of doing the identical factor Hosseinipour is accused of doing.

It’s subsequently seen by Hosseinipour that she and different defendants had been chosen as selective or vindictive.

Hosseinipour notes that she is of Center Jap descent, Defendant Anzalone is Italian, Defendant Dvorin is Russian, and Defendant Syn is Korean inflicting this case to be seen as a attainable racial profiling case additionally.

The DOJ clapped again in opposition on Might 18th, first declaring that Hosseinipour had filed to determine “a equally located one that was not prosecuted”.

She has not sought to determine (and in any occasion could be unable to determine) a equally located particular person who, for functions of this case, must be, at minimal, somebody who

(1) vigorously recruited members right into a pyramid scheme by, amongst different issues, internet hosting extensively seen web displays,

(2) participated within the materials misrepresentations and concealment of info on which i2G’s enterprise thrived, and

(3) earned near one million {dollars} by recruiting victims on this scheme.

Given this failure, the Court docket ought to deny Hosseinipour’s Movement to Dismiss.

With respect to it being racist to go after Ponzi promoters;

(Hosseinipour’s) racial profiling declare fares no higher.

With out citing a single case, Hosseinipour seeks to satisfy her “heavy burden” by merely noting the heritage and ancestral nationality of 4 of the six charged defendants.

As a result of she has not met her burden, her movement needs to be denied.

Different arguments, together with vindictive prosecution and faulty indictment, had been additionally challenged.

A call on Hosseinipour’s determined eleventh hour dismissal submitting stays pending.

Co-defendant Richard Anzalone plead responsible to Infinity2Global fraud prices on Might seventeenth.

Hosseinipour and the remaining 4 Infinity2Global defendants are scheduled to face trial on July twelfth.


Replace third June 2022 – Faraday Hosseinipour’s “race card” movement to dismiss has been denied.

The shortage of element as to the 200-plus people to which Hosseinipour compares herself and her failure to supply the Court docket with information upon which she depends are clearly inadequate for her to satisfy her heavy burden of proving selective prosecution.

For these causes, the Court docket will deny the movement as to selective prosecution.

Hosseinipour’s “vindictive prosecution” and “faulty indictment” arguments for a dismissal had been additionally rejected.


Replace eighth September 2022 – Richard Maike, Faraday Hosseinipour and Doyce Barnes have been discovered responsible on all prices.