isXperia is just as confusing in 2020

A number of weeks again a reader wrote in requesting a assessment of XIPWorks.

I hadn’t heard of XIPWorks earlier than however was aware of “XIP” branding being a part of isXperia.

XIPWorks is offered as a stand-alone firm, integrated in Florida. There’s no point out of isXperia wherever on XIPWorks’ web site.

Except for the “XIP” branding, the one clue that XIPWorks is in truth a rebrand of isXperia is similar telephone quantity within the web site footer.

Equally there’s no point out of XIPWorks on isXperia’s web site.

Neither isXperia or XIPWorks present a replica of their compensation plan on their web site. By a little bit of looking out I used to be in a position to lock down a replica of XIPWorks’ comp plan.

There have been some modifications since 2019, so in the present day we dive into XIPWorks for an up to date assessment.

The Firm

XIPWorks gives no details about who owns or runs the corporate on its web site.

By isXperia’s web site, we’re in a position to affirm Christopher Bratta remains to be working the corporate and its spinoffs as CEO.

Why this data isn’t supplied on XIPWorks’ web site is unclear.

XIPWorks’ Merchandise

XIPWorks pitches itself as a “life-style membership program”.

XIPWorks is a membership program providing a wide range of services and products for you and your loved ones to take pleasure in.

XIPWorks’ web site options the identical dietary dietary supplements and low cost journey portal service supplied by isXperia.

XIPWorks web site fails to enter particular particulars about its dietary complement vary.

In an official XIPWorks advertising and marketing presentation, Steadiness branded private wellness merchandise and XIPWorks hemp oil is featured.

There’s no point out of both of those on XIPWorks’ web site, so product advertising and marketing throughout the 2 corporations appears to be a large number.

XIPWorks’ Compensation Plan

XIPWorks’ compensation pays out retail commissions.

Residual commissions are paid out via a binary crew. A residual fee matching bonus is paid out by way of a unilevel.

There may be additionally recruitment and rank-based bonuses on supply.

XIPWorks Affiliate Ranks

There are eleven affiliate ranks inside XIPWorks’ compensation plan.

Together with their respective qualification standards, they’re as follows:

  • Promoter – join as an XIPWorks affiliate and proceed to pay $110 a month
  • 2 Star – recruit and preserve two Promoters
  • 3 Star – recruit and preserve three Promoters
  • 4 Star – recruit and preserve 4 Promoters
  • 5 Star – recruit and preserve 5 Promoters
  • 6 Star – recruit and preserve six Promoters
  • 9 Star – recruit and preserve 9 Promoters
  • 12 Star – recruit and preserve twelve Promoters

Retail Commissions

XIPWorks associates earn fee of “as much as 25%” on gross sales to retail clients.

Speedy Star Bonus

The Speedy Star Bonus pays $50 per three XIPWorks associates recruited.

Residual Commissions

XIPWorks pays residual commissions by way of a binary compensation construction.

A binary compensation construction locations an affiliate on the prime of a binary crew, break up into two sides (left and proper):

The primary stage of the binary crew homes two positions. The second stage of the binary crew is generated by splitting these first two positions into one other two positions every (4 positions).

Subsequent ranges of the binary crew are generated as required, with every new stage housing twice as many positions because the earlier stage.

Positions within the binary crew are crammed by way of direct and oblique recruitment of associates. Be aware there isn’t any restrict to how deep a binary crew can develop.

On the finish of every week XIPWorks tallies up new gross sales quantity on each side of the binary crew.

Associates are paid as much as 24% of gross sales quantity generated on their weaker binary crew aspect.

  • 2 and three Stars earn an 8% residual fee fee
  • 3 Stars who rank qualify inside ten days of signing up earn a 12% residual fee fee
  • 4 Stars earn a 14% residual fee fee
  • 5 Stars earn a 16% residual fee fee
  • 6 Stars earn an 18% residual fee fee
  • 9 Stars earn a 20% residual fee fee
  • 12 Stars earn a 24% residual fee fee

As soon as paid out on, quantity is matched in opposition to the stronger binary crew aspect and flushed.

Leftover quantity on the stronger binary crew aspect carries over.

Verify Match Bonus

XIPWorks pays a Verify Match Bonus on residual commissions earned by downline associates.

The Verify Match Bonus is paid out by way of a unilevel compensation construction.

A unilevel compensation construction locations an affiliate on the prime of a unilevel crew, with each personally recruited affiliate positioned instantly below them (stage 1):

If any stage 1 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on stage 2 of the unique affiliate’s unilevel crew.

If any stage 2 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on stage 3 and so forth and so forth down a theoretical infinite variety of ranges.

XIPWorks caps the Verify Match Bonus at 4 ranges:

  • 3 Stars obtain 20% on stage 1 (personally recruited associates)
  • 6 Stars obtain 20% on stage 1 and 10% on stage 2
  • 9 Stars obtain 20% on stage 1 and 10% on ranges 2 and three
  • 12 Stars obtain 20% on stage 1 and 10% on ranges 2 to 4

XW Way of life Bonus

The Way of life Bonus is a quantity bonus paid on three or extra unilevel crew legs.

As much as 6% is paid out per unilevel leg:

  • Diamonds obtain a 1% XW Way of life Bonus
  • Inexperienced Diamonds obtain a 2% XW Way of life Bonus
  • Blue Diamonds obtain a 3% XW Way of life Bonus
  • Pink Diamonds obtain a 4% XW Way of life Bonus
  • Black Diamonds obtain a 6% XW Way of life Bonus

What determines what number of unilevel legs the XW Way of life Bonus is paid out on isn’t disclosed.

Becoming a member of XIPWorks

XIPWorks lures new associates in with a free membership choice. The catch is that free associates can’t earn commissions.

Paid XIPWorks affiliate membership prices

  • $10 to enroll
  • $100 to “get certified”
  • $100 a month to remain certified plus a $10 month-to-month admin charge

Simplifying these charges, it involves $110 to enroll after which $110 a month.


Final 12 months I questioned why isXperia and XIP4Life have been offered as two separate corporations.

Personally I’d be eliminating XIP4Life (it began off as a rip-off keep in mind?), and simply be specializing in isXperia branding.

Simpler for the corporate, simpler for associates and simpler in your clients.

Somewhat than take that recommendation, isXperia has doubled down and now presents as three corporations.

As I write this web sites for isXperia, XIP4Life and XIPWorks are all energetic.

I had thought perhaps XIPWorks was a substitute for XIP4Life, however that doesn’t appear to be the case.

XIPWorks was talked about on XIP4Life’s web site, nonetheless that’s since been eliminated.

From a compensation standpoint whereas isXperia has simplified issues considerably, their presentation is missing.

Additionally there doesn’t look like any noticeable deal with retail gross sales. If something the month-to-month spend has gone as much as $110 a month, up from $60 final 12 months.

The way in which this $110 charge is offered within the compensation plan is a compulsory $100 month-to-month membership charge.

There’s actually no clarification supplied, so whether or not this covers any bundled merchandise or not is unclear.

Rank qualification is tied to recruitment of promoters, which equates to XIPWorks working as a pay to play pyramid scheme.

Oh and isXperia’s product presentation is by some means worse than it was final 12 months.

Retail pricing nonetheless isn’t supplied, and merchandise offered on XIPWorks’ web site don’t match what’s of their advertising and marketing materials.

In keeping with isXperia’s web site, Christopher Bratta

has over 25 Years’ expertise as each a prime incomes distributor and firm proprietor within the Direct Promoting / MLM Industries.

In 2010 Christopher based isXperia.

This makes the state of isXperia and its pointless spinoffs all of the extra puzzling. It’s tough to not interpret the mess as a mirrored image of firm administration.

Pending a redesign of isXperia’s MLM alternative from the bottom up (eliminate the additional corporations, current data on the corporate web site, present product particulars with pricing and compensation particulars – that’s simply off the highest of my head), method with warning.