FOW Business Review: FOW Token Ponzi scheme

FOW Enterprise gives no detailed govt data on its web site.

The corporate gives solely the identify of a purported CEO, Densley Craig.

I say purported as a result of FOW Enterprise gives a UK incorporation certificates.

The handle used to include FOW Enterprise within the UK belongs to Corporations Made Easy.

Corporations Made Easy provide UK shell firm incorporation providers beginning at £15.99 GBP.

UK incorporation is filth low-cost and for essentially the most half unregulated. It’s a favored jurisdiction for scammers trying to incorporate dodgy firms.

Given this, it’s extremely doubtless that Densley Craig doesn’t exist.

On its web site FOW Enterprise claims it was “based in 2015”. This seems to be a blatant lie.

FOW Enterprise’ UK incorporation was solely bought on sixth December, 2019. The corporate’s web site area was registered a day earlier on December fifth.

FOW Enterprise’ web site area registration is non-public.

As all the time, if an MLM firm isn’t brazenly upfront about who’s working or owns it, suppose lengthy and arduous about becoming a member of and/or handing over any cash.

FOW Enterprise’ Merchandise

FOW Enterprise has no retailable services or products, with associates solely capable of market FOW Enterprise affiliate membership itself.

FOW Enterprise’ Compensation Plan

FOW Enterprise associates make investments $100 to $100,000 in FOW tokens. That is completed on the promise of an marketed 2% weekly ROI.

All returns, commissions and bonuses in FOW Enterprise are paid out in FOW tokens.

FOW Tokens are usually not publicly tradeable and maintain no worth exterior of FOW Enterprise.

FOW Enterprise don’t disclose the present inside FOW token worth on their web site or of their advertising and marketing materials.

FOW tokens withdrawal requests are paid out by FOW Enterprise in bitcoin as soon as every week.

Word that if a FOW Enterprise affiliate requests a withdrawal inside 60 days of investing, they’re charged a further 15% charge.

Referral Commissions

FOW Enterprise associates are paid a proportion of FOW tokens invested in by personally recruited associates.

FOW Enterprise pays referral commissions by way of a unilevel compensation construction.

A unilevel compensation construction locations an affiliate on the prime of a unilevel staff, with each personally recruited affiliate positioned straight beneath them (stage 1):

If any stage 1 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on stage 2 of the unique affiliate’s unilevel staff.

If any stage 2 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on stage 3 and so forth and so forth down a theoretical infinite variety of ranges.

FOW Enterprise caps payable referral commissions at thirty-one unilevel staff ranges.

Referral commissions are paid out as a proportion of funds invested throughout these thirty-one ranges:

  • stage 1 (personally recruited associates) – 50%
  • stage 2 – 25%
  • stage 3 – 10%
  • ranges 4 to 21 – 4%
  • ranges 22 to 32 – 2%

FOW Enterprise associates are initially restricted on what number of unilevel staff ranges referral commissions are earned on.

The corporate’s compensation documentation states solely that in an effort to earn on all thirty-one ranges, an affiliate should

  • make investments a minimum of $1000 themselves and
  • recruit 4 associates who’ve additionally every invested a minimum of $1000

Referral Commissions Bonus

FOW Enterprise associates can bump their referral commissions by qualifying for the next ranks:

  • FOW Rank 1 (make investments $1000, recruit a minimum of 4 associates who additionally make investments $1000 and generate $100,000 in downline funding quantity) – 4% referral fee bonus on ranges 1 to 10
  • FOW Rank 2 (make investments $5000 and have one FOW Rank 1 associates in two unilevel legs) – 5% referral fee bonus on ranges 1 to 21
  • FOW Rank 3 (make investments $10,000 and have three FOW Rank 2 associates in three unilevel legs) – 6% referral fee bonus on ranges 1 to 31
  • FOW Rank 4 (make investments $25,000 and have 4 FOW Rank 3 associates in 4 unilevel legs) – 7% referral fee bonus on all 32 unilevel staff ranges
  • FOW Rank 5 (make investments $50,000 and have 4 FOW Rank 4 associates in 4 unilevel legs) – 10% referral fee bonus on all 32 unilevel staff ranges

ROI Matching Bonus

FOW Enterprise associates earn a Matching Bonus on FOW token returns paid to recruited associates.

The ROI Matching Bonus is paid down three ranges of recruitment (unilevel):

  • stage 1 (personally recruited associates) – 50%
  • stage 2 – 25%
  • stage 3 – 10%

Becoming a member of FOW Enterprise

FOW Enterprise affiliate membership is free.

Full participation within the connected revenue alternative nevertheless requires a minimal $100 funding in FOW tokens.


Fow Enterprise claims to generate exterior income by way of a foreign exchange and crypto buying and selling bot.

We’re the world’s first unique platform combining trillion-dollar conventional FOREX with Crypto Market, you earn as much as 12% ROI month-to-month with us.”

No proof of exterior income getting used to pay affiliate withdrawals is supplied.

Being a passive funding alternative, FOW Enterprise’ MLM alternative constitutes a securities providing.

On their web site, FOW Enterprise additionally represents that it has registered with monetary regulators in 15 jurisdictions.

If you select FOW, you’re selecting a completely regulated trade chief who meets strict regulatory necessities in 15 jurisdictions, together with Denmark, the UK and Singapore.

Within the UK securities are regulated by the FCA.

A search of the FCA’s register reveals FOW Enterprise isn’t registered to supply securities within the UK.

In Denmark securities are regulated by the FSA.

A search of the FSA’s register reveals FOW Enterprise isn’t registered to supply securities in Denmark.

In Singapore securities are regulated by the MSA. On the time of publication MSA’s register search operate was down for upkeep.

I’d be prepared to wager FOW Enterprise isn’t registered in Singapore both, or in any of the opposite undisclosed jurisdictions the corporate claims it’s.

So, why all of the lies?

FOW Enterprise is your typical Ponzi factors scheme.

FOW tokens are a car whereby actual cash is transferred to FOW Enterprise’ nameless homeowners.

In change traders obtain nugatory FOW tokens, which they’ll solely money out so long as the Ponzi operates.

FOW Enterprise’ homeowners will honor withdrawal requests so long as new funding exists.

When new funding slows or withdrawals dip into their reserve stash an excessive amount of, FOW Enterprise’ admins will do a runner.

That may set off a collapse, as we’ve seen over and over in MLM Ponzi factors schemes (Plus Token, Cloud Token and many others. and many others.).

The tip end in these token Ponzi schemes is all the time the identical.

The admins make off with virtually the entire cash. Recruiters earn their share however the majority of passive traders lose cash.

One other risk is a dodgy change public buying and selling exit-scam, however we haven’t had a type of shortly.

Most of those MLM token scams simply cease paying out. They’re arrange in jurisdictions the place authorities don’t care, so all they do is lead traders on with tales (KYC, technical difficulties, hackers, new authorities laws and many others.) until they transfer on.

FOW Enterprise, regardless of it’s laughable “we made eleventy million {dollars} this week buying and selling” representations on Fb, gained’t play out any completely different.

Preserving in thoughts that FOW Enterprise didn’t even exist a month in the past, if the scammers behind the corporate have been truly producing tens of millions of {dollars} in returns every month – what do they want your cash for?