EzyTRX II Review: Collapsed EzyTRX reboot Ponzi

Final month BehindMLM reviewed EzyTRX. We famous on the time {that a} reboot, EzyTRX II, had simply been introduced.

As we speak we revisit EzyTRX to see how the EzyTRX II reboot goes.

Versus a substitute, EzyTRX II was launched in tandem with EzyTRX. That is regardless of the unique EzyTRX smart-contract having collapsed.

Of notice is EzyTRX II just isn’t promoted and even talked about anyplace on EzyTRX’s public-facing web site.

Data seems to solely be made out there to those that have signed up as associates.

Each EzyTRX and EzyTRX II are run by Nicklaus D’Cruz, who operates the businesses from Singapore.

EzyTRX II’s Merchandise

EzyTRX II has no retailable services or products, with associates solely capable of market EzyTRX II affiliate membership itself.

EzyTRX II’s Compensation Plan

EzyTRX II associates pay 500 TRX after which make investments TRX for EZY tokens.

  • make investments 1000 TRX and obtain 2000 tokens
  • make investments 2000 TRX and obtain 4000 tokens
  • make investments 4000 TRX and obtain 8000 tokens
  • make investments 8000 TRX and obtain 16,000 tokens
  • make investments 16,000 TRX and obtain 32,000 tokens
  • make investments 32,000 TRX and obtain 64,000 tokens
  • make investments 64,000 TRX and obtain 128,000 tokens
  • make investments 128,000 TRX and obtain 256,000 tokens
  • make investments 256,000 TRX and obtain 512,000 tokens

Observe that in an effort to “unlock” invested in tokens, every EzyTRX II affiliate should recruit three associates.

Commissions per place invested in are paid until 300% is reached.

After this earnings cap is reached, new funding in the next funding tier is required in an effort to proceed incomes.

When an affiliate places in a withdrawal request, EzyTRX II additionally robotically invests within the subsequent increased tier if sufficient funds can be found.

What’s leftover is then paid out as a fee.

Recruitment Commissions

EzyTRX takes 20% of funds invested by personally recruited associates and makes use of it to pay recruitment commissions.

  • 10% is paid out if the newly recruited affiliate invests at a decrease tier
  • 20% is paid out if the newly recruited affiliate invests on the similar or increased tier

Within the occasion 10% is paid out, the remaining 10% is paid upline to the primary affiliate who has invested on the similar or increased tier than the newly recruited affiliate has invested at.

Residual Commissions

EzyTRX takes 20% of funds invested by associates and makes use of it to pay commissions.

EzyTRX II pays residual commissions by way of a 3×10 matrix.

A 3×10 matrix locations an affiliate on the prime of a matrix, with three positions immediately beneath them:

These three positions type the primary stage of the matrix. The second stage of the matrix is generated by splitting these first three positions into one other three positions every.

Ranges three to 10 of the matrix are generated in the identical method, with every new stage housing 3 times as many positions because the earlier ranges.

Positions within the 3×10 matrix are stuffed by way of direct and oblique recruitment of EzyTRX II associates.

2% of of the 45% put aside is paid out on funds invested by associates within the matrix.

Observe that matrix ranges have to be unlocked by way of recruitment in an effort to earn residual commissions:

  • recruit one affiliate to earn on one matrix stage
  • recruit two associates to earn on two matrix ranges
  • recruit three associates to earn on three matrix ranges
  • recruit 4 associates to earn on 4 matrix ranges
  • recruit 5 associates to earn on 5 matrix ranges
  • recruit six associates to earn on six matrix ranges
  • recruit seven associates to earn on seven matrix ranges
  • recruit eight associates to earn on eight matrix ranges
  • recruit 9 associates to earn on 9 matrix ranges
  • recruit ten associates to earn on ten matrix ranges

International Pool

EzyTRX takes 5% of funds invested by associates and makes use of it to fund the International Pool.

EzyTRX associates who’ve invested in all ten out there tiers obtain an equal share of the International Pool every month.

Becoming a member of EzyTRX II

EzyTRX II affiliate membership is 500 TRX plus a minimal 1000 TRX funding.

Full participation in EzyTRX II’s revenue alternative prices 511,000 TRX.


EzyTRX II sees Nicklaus D’Cruz additional milk what’s left of the EzyTRX affiliate-base.

The corporate’s web site boasts having nearly 30,000 members. Alexa site visitors rankings nevertheless reveal the present state of the rip-off:

New additions between EzyTRX and EzyTRX II are the International Pool and EZY token.

The International Pool is simply an excuse to shuffle extra invested TRX to those that acquired in early and/or invested extra off the bat.

TRX is a TRC-20 shit token (assume ERC-20 and ethereum). They are often arrange in a couple of minutes at little to no price.

EZY tokens’ inside worth is funded by 50% of invested TRX. The tokens are nugatory outdoors of EzyTRX II itself.

In a nutshell those that’ve invested extra have extra tokens. Tying 50% of invested TRX to EZY tokens as soon as once more lets these associates withdraw the vast majority of invested TRX.

Guess who has the best matrix positions and largest EZY token stability?

As I concluded in our EzyTRX evaluate;

Nicklaus D’Cruz will make off with the vast majority of funds paid in. Everybody else loses out.

Reboots hardly ever final so long as their predecessors, and EzyTRX solely lasted just a few months as it’s.