Andreas Kartrud’s Eclipcity Ponzi factory

CyberChain gives no data on its web site about who owns or runs the corporate.

In truth as I write this, CyberChain’s public-facing web site is nothing greater than a registration kind.

CyberChain’s web site area (“”) was registered on August eleventh, 2020.

“SwissCoin” is registered because the proprietor, by an incomplete deal with in Skane, Sweden.

SwissCoin was a Ponzi scheme launched in 2016. With respect to area registration, Andreas Kartrud (proper) has used SwissCoin on the registration of a number of domains this 12 months.

EtherChain (June) and TronChain (August) are an identical smart-contract Ponzi schemes.

TronChain was launched to stave off EtherChain’s inevitable collapse. Given TronChain is barely a month outdated, one can safely assume CyberChain has been launched to stave off TronChain’s inevitable collapse.

One want solely look in the direction of CyberChain advertising and marketing efforts to substantiate as a lot;

ID 1 in Cyberchain doesn’t belong to a person. It belongs to the Eclipcity neighborhood and is supporting Etherchain and Trochain [sic].

Learn on for a full assessment of CyberChain’s MLM alternative.

CyberChain’s Merchandise

CyberChain has no retailable services or products, with associates solely in a position to market CyberChain affiliate membership itself.

CyberChain’s Compensation Plan

CyberChain associates make investments 100 tron on the promise of marketed returns.

CyberChain pays returns by way of a twelve-tier 3×2 matrix cycler.

A 3×2 matrix locations a CyberChain affiliate on the high of a matrix, with three positions straight underneath them:

These three positions kind the primary stage of the matrix. The second stage of the matrix is generated by splitting every of those three positions into one other three positions every (9 positions).

In whole, a 3×2 matrix homes twelve positions.

Positions within the matrix are crammed by way of direct and oblique recruitment of CyberChain associates, who every make investments 100 tron.

For every place crammed within the matrix 50% of the 100 tron buy-in is paid as a fee.

This works out to 600 tron, of which 100 tron is used to generate a brand new tier 1 cycler place.

This course of is known as a “cycle”. Every tier 1 cycle pays an efficient 500 tron return off an preliminary 100 tron funding.

CyberChain’s eleven different matrix cycler tiers function in the identical method.

The one factor that modifications from tier to tier is the quantity of tron invested:

  • Tier 2 – make investments 200 TRX and obtain 1000 TRX and a brand new tier 2 cycler place
  • Tier 3 – make investments 400 TRX and obtain 2000 TRX and a brand new tier 3 cycler place
  • Tier 4 – make investments 800 TRX and obtain 4000 TRX and a brand new tier 4 cycler place
  • Tier 5 – make investments 1600 TRX and obtain 8000 TRX and a brand new tier 5 cycler place
  • Tier 6 – make investments 3200 TRX and obtain 16,000 TRX and a brand new tier 6 cycler place
  • Tier 7 – make investments 6400 TRX and obtain 32,000 TRX and a brand new tier 7 cycler place
  • Tier 8 – make investments 19,200 TRX and obtain 96,000 TRX and a brand new tier 8 cycler place
  • Tier 9 – make investments 57,600 TRX and obtain 288,000 TRX and a brand new tier 9 cycler place
  • Tier 10 – make investments 172,800 TRX and obtain 864,000 TRX and a brand new tier 10 cycler place
  • Tier 11 – make investments 518,400 TRX and obtain 2,592,000 TRX and a brand new tier 11 cycler place
  • Tier 12 – make investments 1,555,200 TRX and obtain 7,776,000 TRX and a brand new tier 12 cycler place

Becoming a member of CyberChain

CyberChain affiliate membership is tied to an preliminary 100 TRX cycler place funding.

Full participation in CyberChain’s revenue alternative prices 2,335,900 TRX.


On September 18th Andreas Kartrud uploaded a video to one in all his YouTube channels titled, “Eclipcity introduction”.

Within the video Kartrud reveals he has left Sweden for Montenegro.

He additionally reveals the “Eclipcity Platform”, a “blockchain platform aggregator”.

That’s crypto scamspeak for “Ponzi manufacturing unit”. EtherChain was Kartrud’s first smart-contract Ponzi. TronChain feeds into EtherChain and CyberChain feeds into EtherChain.

To the extent there’s any overlap, who is aware of. Kartrud is just utilizing funds from newly launched Ponzi schemes to place off the inevitable.

We’re now as much as three, and so they’re having to be launched in faster succession. That is typical of reload scams.

If this retains up, I think about we’ll be seeing fourth and fifth Eclipcity Ponzi launches by the top of subsequent month. Relying on how shameless Kartrud needs to be, perhaps extra.

Again within the day you had serial-scammers milking PHP matrix cycler scripts. Today it’s smart-contract matrix cycler scripts.

The tip end result nonetheless stays the identical; These on the backside of EtherChain, TronChain and CyberChain will lose cash.

Math ensures this would be the majority of members.


Replace eighth January 2021 – Within the wake of TronChain collapsing, Andreas Kartrud has deleted the September 18th YouTube video referenced on this article.