GSPartners launches GEUR as G999 & LYS tokens collapse

GSPartner’s G999 and LYS Ponzi shit tokens are collapsing.

In an try to create the phantasm that associates haven’t largely misplaced their cash, GSPartners has give you GEUR.

G999 is GSPartners’ authentic Ponzi coin. Gullible traders had been result in consider in the event that they purchased G999 funding packages by GSPartners, they’d be bajillionaires as a result of causes.

Right here’s how that’s going:

Because it turned evident G999 was a Ponzi shitcoin that wasn’t going anyplace, GSPartners sought to launch extra shitcoins. After some turbulence with foiled Dubai property scams, GSPartners settled on an NFT grift they referred to as Lydian World.

Lydian World is connected to LYS and XLT tokens, though as of late no person talks in regards to the latter.

Anyway, right here’s how Lydian World goes:

As soon as it turned clear no person was excited about a Ponzi money seize NFT “recreation”, GSPartners launched a “metaverse certificates” scheme.

Not surprisingly, GSPartners’ metaverse certificates scheme has nothing to do with the metaverse.

The metaverse certificates scheme is a straightforward Ponzi; GSPartners associates pay a charge after which make investments as much as 700,000 USDT on the promise of a 480% annual ROI (click on to enlarge):

On a GSPartners webinar directed at US traders held a couple of days in the past, right here’s how US-based CEO Michael Dalcoe described GSPartners’ metaverse certificates;

We put our cash on the blockchain, and our buying and selling associate trades the funds for us and it grows it at a charge of round 72% a 12 months and better.

Sure, I didn’t stutter. Round 72% per 12 months and even larger. I can’t even offer you actual numbers. Which means your cash doubles yearly.

And actually, your cash actually doubles about each six or seven months.

Metaverse certificates returns are paid in USDT however they aren’t withdrawable.

As a substitute GSPartners associates must put the USDT in direction of LYS token mining, permitting them to ultimately money out in LYS.

Right here’s the issue:

To treatment the Ponzi scheme coming undone, GSPartners has launched GEUR.

GEUR doesn’t exist exterior of GSPartners and is represented to have parity with the euro.

If a GSPartners affiliate cashes out their metaverse certificates ROI to GEUR, they then must convert GEUR to USDT by the GSPartners backoffice.

As much as 5000 GEUR may be cashed out in a single transaction and GSPartners takes a 2.5% reduce of all transactions.

GSPartners’ GEUR webinar was hosted by Steven London Morris, one in every of Dalcoe’s downline primarily based in California.

Should you’re questioning how GSPartners is funding withdrawals and why now, that’s answered by GSPartners’ current web site stats:

GSPartners has been busy recruiting US traders over the previous 12 months. These traders need to money out and, up till not too long ago, all GSPartners has been in a position to do is watch LYS decline and their makes an attempt to wash commerce pump G999 fail.

As you possibly can see within the SimilarWeb knowledge above, GSPartners has unfold to Cuba, South Africa (it is a resurrection after GSPartners already collapsed in SA), and Switzerland.

This new injection of funds straight correlates to the launch of GSPartners’ metaverse certificates funding scheme.

What you may also see within the chart above nonetheless is that total visits to GSPartners’ web site haven’t modified a lot. It’s stagnant.

Pending a dramatic enhance in recruitment of recent soon-to-be victims, GSPartners is simply kicking exponentially rising ROI liabilities down the highway.

It’s one factor to entice individuals’s cash in an infinite chain of shit tokens. When you symbolize one thing is pegged to actual cash, and permit traders to money out that actual cash – you’ve simply created a monetary black gap that’ll drain invested funds.

It ought to be famous that, regardless of advertising and marketing representations on the contrary, GEUR isn’t pegged to the euro – it’s pegged to how a lot invested USDT GSPartners is keen to play out.

Michael Dalcoe after all is aware of this and so, on behalf of GSPartners company, discourages withdrawals by claiming it’s one thing solely “poor and middle-class individuals do”.

How GSPartners’ inevitable USDT crunch manifests itself is but to be seen, however look ahead to GEUR withdrawal issues over the subsequent 6 to 9 months.

In violation of securities legislation within the US, neither GSPartners, proprietor Josip Heit, Michael Dalcoe or Steven London Morris are registered with the SEC.

Exterior income to pay metaverse certificates is purportedly generated by way of foreign currency trading by BDSwiss.

In violation of the Commodities Change Act, neither GSPartners or BDSwiss are registered with the CFTC.

GSPartners and its promoters will not be registered to supply securities in any nation.