Youngevity is the new BlackOxygen Organics, reports TINA

TINA has published a disturbing report, framing Youngevity as a continuation of BlackOxygen Organics.

BlackOxygen Organics, or BOO as it was known, was arguably last year’s biggest MLM crash and burn.

BOO marketed Canadian bog dirt, harvested a stone’s throw away from a hazardous industrial waste disposal site. You can probably guess how that turned out.

In October 2021 Health Canada issued a recall on BlackOxygen Organics products due to health risks.

Stop taking these products. Do not administer the products to children or adolescents.

BlackOxygen Organics shut down towards the end of November. Around the same time a class-action was filed against BOO, alleging the company sold supplements that “are dangerous for human use and consumption”.

At time of publication the BOO class-action remains pending.

A month later in December, the FDA confirmed BOO’s products contained “elevated levels of lead and arsenic”.

Unfortunately, US regulators thus far have taken no further action was taken against BOO or owner and CEO Marc Saint Onge.

That brings us to Youngevity, who TINA reports Saint Onge immediately turned to after closing down BOO.

Quoting an email sent out by Youngevity to BOO distributors, TINA wrote in a September 12th report;

After the executive team of Black Oxygen Organics closed their doors, they approached Youngevity through mutual contacts and wondered if there might be an opportunity for us to assist with their displaced Brand Partners and Customers.

They expressed to Youngevity that they still have an interested, tight-knit community, and they’d love to settle somewhere where they can continue to participate in a compensation program. Youngevity has that.

Presumably Youngevity acquired the BOO distributor database from Saint Onge for an undisclosed sum.

Saint Onge might have also sold Youngevity distribution rights for BOO’s banned products.

Accompanying Youngevity’s unsolicited email was a flyer for “Midnight Minerals”, Youngevity’s new fulvic acid product.

TINA reached out to Youngevity and asked if Midnight Minerals was BOO’s banned supplements repackaged. Youngevity didn’t reply.

I had a look into this myself. Youngevity do not provide country of origin information for their Midnight Minerals mask.

The closest I was able to confirm Midnight Minerals is sourced from Marc Saint Onge’s BOO industrial waste polluted bog, was a Youngevity corporate webinar from June.

CEO Steve Wallach featured on the webinar and, pitching Midnight Minerals, stated:

[11:46] Fulvic acid and humic acid are plant acids as well. And they’re usually associated with concentrated plant matter, like our Utah plant minerals.

Like the fulvic minerals from Canada that this product is derived from. That comes from a peat bog in Canada.

All things considered, that’s pretty much confirmation that Youngevity is importing BlackOxygen Organics banned contaminated bog dirt under a different name.

The twist is, while Youngevity had previously launched Midnight Minerals as a skin mask, explicitly stating it was “not intended for human ingestion”, Wallach was talking about a new ingestible offering.

[12:05] This brand new product is not available yet but it’s about to be. So it’s something we’ve been working on for a while now, and so it’s called Midnight Minerals Fulvic Mins.

And this is a consumable product that is in capsule form. So there’s mixing, there’s no flavor … and so this product will be available in a week so.

As of mid September, Youngevity’s website lists Midnight Minerals Fulvic Mins as being in “pre-order till June 30, 2022”.

There are no reviews left for the product, so I can only assume that while you can add Fulvic Mins to your cart, Youngevity hasn’t shipped it out yet.

Whether this is related to the FDA ban or not is unclear. Certainly it’s odd that Fulvic Mins aren’t available two and a half months after Wallach said they would be.

For consumer health though, Youngevity not selling “poison in a capsule” is a win.

But what about the Midnight Minerals mask product?

That brings us back to TINA, who provide evidence former BOO distributors have continued to chow down Midnight Minerals, consumption warnings be damned;

Hell, you don’t even need to leave Youngevity’s website to find an anything but subtle nod to former BOO bog munchers;

That’s from the review section of Youngevity’s website store entry for the Midnight Minerals skin mask, dated April 2022.

To drive home how dangerous things got with BOO before authorities stepped in, we had distributors on social media ingesting the poison, shitting out their intestinal lining and posting photos of dissected feces on social media.

And if that wasn’t horrifying enough, some of the photos were alleged stool samples of their children:

Now we have Youngevity, peddling the same contaminated bog dirt the FDA banned importation of, to the same batshit crazy customer base – because profits.

At the very least there’s an FTC case to answer to here, with respect to Youngevity’s conspiracy to target former BOO distributors, putting consumers at risk and failing to disclose circumvention of an FDA ban on the importation of contaminated bog dirt.

A Midnight Minerals Safety and Use Report, provided on Youngevity’s website, notes the presence of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead.

The report pertains to “accidental ingestion” of Midnight Minerals dirt. BOO distributors were literally shovelling this shit down.